For hiking lovers Region offers different ideal opportunities. One can hike on the protected national areas, to see gray mountains, to swim in one of the hot lakes and to follow the leap of  Bezoar ibexes. One of the place for hiking is Gnishik Community-managed Protected Area. Here, the hiking will be filled with acquaintances of wild nature, as there are more than 900 plants, and approximately 525 animal species.

There are several trails and camping areas in Gnishik. Due to the info desks, pasted in front of entrance, you will be directly informed about upcoming hiking distance and level of complexity․   During the hiking you will pass by breathtaking sights- Rocky hills, canyons and natural fountains.

Cave Tourism

Vayots Dzor has been settled for ages and the avoidance of it are  habitable caves here. Region gives the wonderful  opportunities to visit exclusive caves, and this has sporting and exploring  purposes. Cave tourism has its features, as it includes joined elements of adventure tourism. Nowadays, Mozorv Cave  gives such opportunities.

Bird Watching

Want to enjoy the movement and the voice of Vayots Dzor birds? During birdwatching, you can get acquainted knowledge about the birds typical only for Vayots Dzor. You will be receiving big satisfaction by observing birds and at the same time getting the information directly from the specialist on it. All this will happen in the amazing nature of Vayots Dzor.


One of the best ways to be in harmony with nature is to be in it and enjoy its beauty. Bird watching is one of the best ways to enjoy this beauty.


During the workshop, you’ll get acquainted with the specifics of working with wood and learn everything about woodworking, wood types and its characteristics. There will also be a huge collection of items with traditional ornaments, that you can use (and re-use) in your daily life. This master class will be made by the local Hrach Manukyan.
Ask your master to tell you more about Daghdghan. He has specific local knowledge to share with you.
A creative outlet, it makes your mind work and imagination active that it helps you clear it from any negativity and thinking of problems and other stressful activities. The physical activities of woodworking especially when completing huge projects enhances strength, endurance, body control and hand dexterity. And with all these exercises, it makes your body become fit to carry on heavy duty and sometimes complex projects.


Tourism in Armenia is full with new reveals and emotions. For tourists visiting Armenia, Gastro tours are the most exciting and integral parts of the adventure. This kind of activities aim to make acquainted with various dishes of this region, sometimes, giving an opportunity to take part in the processes. Rural gastro tours are unique in Vayots Dzor. The region differs from another one with its dominant vegetal dishes. The plants are gathering for the mountains surrounding the region.

Among the unique and favorite dishes is <<Kashm>>, that you will be able to taste only in Vayots Dzor. This dish is cooked by edible plant names KASHM. To per tradition, is usually enjoying among the family member and creating a happy mood.

One of the most Armenian dishes is DOLMA with onion. According to tradition, this dish is cooked by the oldest person in family, grandmothers, and grandfathers, and accompanied by national songs and dances.

The list of traditional dishes are endless, but it is impossible to not separate one of the delicious omelets with honey and edible plants. Nowhere else is possible to taste such incredible dishes.


Here you will have unique opportunity to participate in a clay making master – class held by a local of Agarakadzor and a talented master – Zakar Mkrtchyan.

During the master class you will learn to work with clay, then make your own design & create your art -work. In case your masterpiece fails, there will be other chance to purchase lots of items from the rich collection of Zakar made with Vayots Dzor traditional ornaments.


Pottery helps reduce pain and discomfort from arthritis. The movement of making pottery is gentle yet strengthening to the hands, wrists, and arms. This is beneficial especially to those prone to arthritis in the hands, as it promotes joint movement and dexterity.


Gym area

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